Video calls are popular ways to stay in touch with family and friends. Discover best practices for using them and learn how to troubleshoot issues that might arise.
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How to Use Zoom on Android
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How to Add a Picture to Your Google Meet Profile
Sample Gallery View in Zoom.
How to Hide Self View on Zoom
Zoom vs Skype
Zoom vs. Skype? Which One’s Better for You?
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How to Stop Echoes in Voice Calls
Woman Scheduling an Online Video Conference
Add Microsoft Teams to Your Outlook for Easy Collaboration
Two women having a video call on their laptops.
How to Record on Google Meet
Person on a couch using a video chat app with headphones using a mobile phone
The 9 Best Video Chat Apps for Android
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How to Change Your Name on Google Meet
Microsoft Teams Backgrounds
How to Change Your Background on Microsoft Teams
Google Meet on MacBook Air
How to Schedule a Meeting or Start One Instantly with Google Meet
A woman in a purple shirt scheduling a meeting in Microsoft Teams.
How to Schedule a Meeting in Microsoft Teams
Four team members with purple data numbers and letters being projected on top of them.
How to Update Microsoft Teams
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Is Microsoft Teams Down... Or Is It You?
Presenting on Google Meet.
How to Share a Screen on Google Meet
A woman on a video conferencing meeting on her laptop
How to Share Your Screen on Microsoft Teams
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How to Share Audio on Zoom
Afro-caribbean woman working from home during the Covid lockdown
How to Blur Your Background in Google Meet
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How to Raise a Hand In Zoom
A woman sitting at a desk with a headset on looking at a laptop with a video conference call playing out
How to Change Your Name On Zoom
Video meeting on desktop screen
Zoom Fatigue: What It Is and How to Alleviate It
Google Duo
Sharing Your Screen is Quick and Easy on Google Duo—Here's How
An office conference room with a video conference call on a screen on the wall
How to Mute on Zoom
Illustration of Google Meet Vs Zoom
Google Meet vs. Zoom: What's the Difference?
A woman in a group video chat on her smartphone.
The 11 Best Group Video Call Apps for Friends, Family and Teams
A Zoom meeting with Breakout Rooms in use
Easily Create Zoom Breakout Rooms for Conversations and Collaboration
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Is Google Hangouts Down... Or Is It Just You? Here's How to Find Out
Illustration of people having a video conference.
How to Blur Backgrounds in MS Teams
An image of two women having a video call on their smartphones.
Use Google Duo to Video Call Your Friends
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How to Share a Screen on Zoom
Zoom camera settings on a desktop PC
Zoom Camera Not Working? These Tips Will Get Your Webcam Back Online
Man on video call on phone while lying in bed
How to Use Zoom on an iPhone: Join Calls & Host Your Own Zoom Meetings
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How to Make Free Phone Calls With Google Hangouts
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How to Use Slack Screen Sharing
A man sitting at an office desk watching a video conference call on his laptop
Is Zoom Down... Or Is It You?
A woman sitting at a table looking at a laptop happily
How to Record Zoom Meetings
A woman on a video conferencing app displayed via a tablet
The 8 Best Free Skype Alternatives of 2022
A woman sitting at a desk watching a video conference call with 4 other people
How to Use Zoom: The 13 Best Tips for Successful Video Conferencing
A computer showing people in a web conference.
How to Set Up, Host, or Join a Zoom Meeting
A grandparent and grandchild video chatting
Want to Video Chat With Someone Online? Do It With a Free App
Google Duo video call with family and grandparents in separate screens
Google Duo: A Solid Person-to-Person Video Chat App
How to Make Free Conference Calls on iPhone
Illustration of a messaging app
What Is Google Hangouts?
Call to 911 dialed on cellphone
Are You Protected by 911 With VoIP?
Simple Tips for Organizing a Web-Based Seminar
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How to Use Google Voice For Video and Voice Calls
Skype vs. Viber
Skype vs. Viber: Which Is Better?
An image of a padlock on top of a computer keyboard.
Protect Your Online Accounts and Logins With Duo Mobile Passcodes
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Viber: Video Messaging/ Calling for Desktop and Mobile
Watching a webinar
What Exactly Is a Webinar?
Girl in sunglasses video chatting on mobile phone
Making Calls Through Your Mobile Phone Using VoIP
A man sitting, working with computer and wearing headset
Wondering What a "Mean Opinion Score" Is? Here's the Answer
GoToMeeting vs Cisco WebEx
GoToMeeting vs. Cisco WebEx Meetings: Which Is Better?
Young Woman Using Cordless Phone
Connect All Your Home Phones to Your VoIP Service
Customer service representative using headset at desktop
Recording VoIP Phone Calls
A family including a baby are sitting on a sofa looking at a laptop screen smiling
How to Skype Multiple People
A man installs Skype on a laptop.
How to Create a Skype Account on Windows
A man standing by a window, talking on a mobile phone.
How to Use Skype for Android
Person using a computer to change their Skype username
Bored With Your Skype Name? Here's How to Change It

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