Tablets take features from both devices to form a kind of hybrid device, somewhere between a phone and computer. Learn how to optimize and troubleshoot yours.
The Google Play Store Apps section.
Install Google Play on Kindle Fire to Get Access to More Apps
Energy Saver Screenshot
5 Ways to Cool Down a Laptop
The History of Samsung (1938-Present)
Kindle Cloud Reader on a laptop screen
How to Use the Kindle Cloud Reader
An Athlete Stretching Before Run
What Is Tizen OS? It's on More Devices Than You Think
E-reader Amazon Kindle on top of a book next to glasses
What Is E-Ink and How Does It Work?
two tablets playing music
What Is a Tablet?
A landscape displayed on an Android screen
8 Uses for Old Android Tablets
Woman reading on an electronic device.
How to Change the Font Size on Your Screen
Remote worker using tablet surrounded by plants
What Is a Good Screen Resolution for a Tablet?
A Surface that's plugged in but not charging.
How to Fix a Surface Pro Not Charging
Kindle Paperwhite 2015
9 Things to Look for in an E-Reader
A student reads on a Kindle e-reader.
10 Reasons to Buy an E-Reader for School
Businessperson holding a Surface Pen and working with a Surface Pro
Surface Pen Not Working? Try These Quick Solutions
A woman deletes apps from an Android tablet.
How to Delete Apps on an Android Tablet
An Acer laptop connected to a Samsung tablet used as a second display.
How to Use an Android Tablet as a Second Monitor
A Samsung tablet held and connected to USB.
How to Fix It When a Samsung Tablet Isn't Connecting to a PC
Image of a woman using a tablet
How to Fix It When a Tablet Won't Connect to Wi-Fi
Galaxy Tab S3 Samsung tablet and stylus.
How to Fix It When Your Samsung Tablet Is Frozen
A woman's hand holding a stylus while drawing on a Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Samsung tablet.
How to Fix a Samsung Tablet That’s Running Slow
A pregnant woman sitting on a bed and looking at an Android tablet that's running slow.
How to Fix It When an Android Tablet Is Running Slow or Freezing
A man leaning on a desk while holding an Android tablet in his hands.
How to Fix It When Apps Aren't Working on an Android Tablet
Pixel Buds with an Android phone and game controller.
How to Download Games on Android Tablets
A Samsung tablet is landscape orientation.
How to Fix It When a Tablet Screen Won't Rotate
The Lock Screen on a Samsung tablet running Android.
How to Set Up a New Android Tablet
Phone with red wifi symbol
How to Fix Wi-Fi Authentication Problems on Android
Samsung tablet
How to Reset a Samsung Tablet
A woman in an office printing something from an Android tablet.
How to Print From a Tablet
A young girl sitting on a rug next to a couch under a sheet looking at a tablet during the day
How to Turn On a Samsung Tablet
A photo of a person sitting at a desk and holding a stylus and a folded Samsung Chromebook tablet style computer.
How to Print From a Samsung Tablet, Wirelessly
Galaxy Tab
How to Update an Android Tablet
The lock screen on an Android tablet
Things You Need to Know Before Buying an Android Tablet
A woman disables popular highlights on her Kindle.
How to Turn Off Popular Highlights on Kindle
Getting a Kindle email address on a Kindle.
How to Find Your Kindle Email Address
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 (8th Generation) Tablet
How to Fix It When an Amazon Fire Tablet Can't Connect to the Camera
Person in bed on a tablet seeing a black screen on YouTube
How to Block YouTube on an Amazon Fire Tablet
New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite on wood table
What to Do If You Forgot Your Kindle's Password
A woman holding a tablet.
How to Fix It When Your Kindle Won't Connect to Wi-Fi
Father and daughter with tablets
How to Find Out Which Kindle You Have
A hand holding six Kindle Paperwhites
How to Use a Kindle Paperwhite
A woman lying on the beach reading her Kindle.
How to Fix Battery Drain on a Kindle Paperwhite
A Kindle Paperwhite
How to Reset a Kindle Paperwhite
New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite on wood table
Does Kindle Need Wi-Fi?
Amazon Kindle in Light Mode and Dark Mode
How to Use Kindle Dark Mode
A woman looking at her Kindle while sitting on some steps.
How to Use Power Saver Mode on Kindle Paperwhite
The web browser open on a Kindle.
How to Get to the Home Screen on a Kindle
Closing a book on a Kindle Paperwhite.
How to Exit a Book on Your Kindle Paperwhite
Turning off a Kindle Paperwhite.
How to Turn Off a Kindle Paperwhite
A man tries to fix a frozen Kindle.
How to Fix a Kindle That's Frozen
The restart menu displayed on a Kindle Paperwhite.
How to Restart a Kindle Paperwhite
A young woman reading a Kindle
How to Use Parental Controls on Kindle
A person removing a Kindle from a bookshelf
How to Reset a Parental Controls Password on Kindle
Connecting a Kindle to Wi-Fi outdoors in a hammock.
How to Connect Your Kindle to Wi-Fi
Kindle Fire Tablet
How to Switch Profiles on a Fire Tablet
A woman reading a Kindle while wrapped in a blanket and sitting on a couch.
How to Get Page Numbers on Kindle
Illustration of an Amazon Kindle
How to Highlight on Kindle
Amazon Fire Tablets
How to Reset an Amazon Fire Tablet
Someone curled up in a chair, reading a Kindle device.
Kindle vs. Fire Tablet: What's the Difference?
Kindle Paperwhite 2015
Want Free Reads? Borrow Kindle Books from Friends and Amazon


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