DVDs, DVRs & Videos

DVDs, DVRs, and videos are important pieces of your home theater. Learn more about them and discover what will work best in your home.
VHS Tape Cassette
How to Copy Those Old VHS Tapes to DVD
Comcast Cable Box
Find out Why You Should Upgrade to the Xfinity X1 Package From Comcast
DVD inserting into a laptop optical disk drive
What You Need to Know About DVD Region Codes
A person placing a Blu-ray disc into a player
What You Need to Do Before You Buy a Blu-ray Player
Person placing a DVD-R in a laptop
What's the Difference Between DVD+R and DVD-R?
CD drive
How to Find the Right Video Capture Device for You
An illustration of a camcorder connected to a laptop PC.
How to Transfer 8mm and Hi8 Video Tapes to DVD or VHS
Illustration of a person sitting atop a DVR unit, holding binoculars to their eyes
What You Should Know Before Buying a DVR
A Blu-ray Disc in a package with film strips flying out of the disc
What Looks Better: Upscaled DVD or Blu-ray?
Official Blu-ray Disc logo
What Is Blu-ray and How Is It Different From DVD?
Blu-ray Disc Logo With Dolby Atmos
Blu-ray Disc Releases With Dolby Atmos To Spice Up Your Home Theater
DVD, Blu-Ray and CD discs
Can Blu-ray Disc Players Play DVDs and CDs?
Cutaway of a DVD burner
Not All DVD Formats Can Store the Same Amount of Data
Samsung BD-H5900 Blu-ray Disc Player - Photo of Rear Connections
How Blu-ray Disc Players Can Be Used as a Streaming Device
A close-up stock photo of two Microsoft Surface laptops on a white table. The main laptop which is blue, has a blue wireless mouse sitting next to it.
3 Ways to Watch a DVD on Windows 10
Illustration of couple watching 3D TV in livingroom
The 20 Best 20 3D Blu-Ray Movies
Illustration of a confused person looking for a spot to put an 8mm tape into a modern home theater system
The 8mm/VHS Adapter - Real or Myth?
CD with bandaid, indicating that it's been scratched due to unsafe cleaning
How to Clean Dirty DVDs, Blu-rays, and Video Games
Is It Possible to Play a Blu-ray Disc on a DVD Player?
How Much Does a TiVo Box and Service Plan Cost?
DVD Recording
How to Transfer Video from a DVR to a DVD Recorder
The main screen of TiVo Desktop
How to Move Recording From Your TiVo to Your PC
VHS VCR Head Assembly - Two Views
How To Keep Your VCR's Heads Clean
Blu-ray Disc Player
Blu-ray Disc Player Audio Connection Guide
A man holding a camcorder towards himself and his family.
Put Old Camcorder Videos on Your PC
Laptop with DVD drive
Find Out Why Your Burned DVDs Won't Play
Plugging in cables
How to Connect a DVD Recorder to a Television
Recordable DVD - Blank Disc Examples
What Discs Do I Use to Record a DVD?

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