Connected Car Tech

From batteries to connecting your phone via bluetooth and asking for help to navigate the way home, your connected car is part of your life. We'll help you figure it all out.
Illustration of a person using a laptop in their car via a power inverter
How Car Power Inverters Work and Why You Might Want One
Illustration showing a smartphone using the USB and Aux ports
Aux Inputs vs. USB Connections
An illustrations of Apple Maps vs Google Maps
Apple Maps vs. Google Maps: What's the Difference?
A trickle charger with text explaining what it is
What Is a Trickle Charger?
Man starting his car remotely with key fob
Start Your Car With the Push of a Button
A vehicle with traction control driving on a slick surface.
How Does Traction Control Work?
yellow fog lights
The Science and Technology Behind Fog Lights and Lamps
A photo of a parked Uber driver's car with the Uber sticker in the windshield.
Earn Uber Credits and Get That Uber VIP Status
Commuter using a navigation device in car at night
How to Change Voices on Waze
1s and 0s and waves
What Electronics Require a Pure Sine Wave Inverter?
Phone while in a car
What Is Amazon Echo Auto?
Woman driving a car
Is OnStar Spying On You?
A man using Fixd on a phone to diagnose his vehicle in a car
You Can Diagnose Your Own Car With Fixd
Illustration of a car engine block heater blanket and a person dressed in winter clothes
Block Heater Technology: Unsung Hero of the Frozen North
A car mechanic diagnosing a car engine.
Diagnostic Tools to Tell You What's Wrong With Your Car
Three types of portable car heaters: residential, 12v, and propane
Your Best Portable Car Heater Options
What Are Air Bags and How Do They Work?
In car DVD
Check Out These In-Car DVD Options
bluetooth car stereo
Does Your Car Stereo Have Bluetooth?
A phone mounted in a car displays Alexa.
How to Get Amazon Alexa in Your Car
high amp alternator
How to Choose an Alternator: Do You Need a High Output Alternator?
High output alternator for a car
Use a High Output Alternator When Your Factory-Installed One Isn't Enough
Start Your Car From Afar With a Remote Start Kit
Rear-view of a car putting on its breaks at a stoplight
Car Safety 101: Anti-Lock Brakes
12V socket near a cupholder between two seats.
Is it Just a Cigarette Lighter or a Power Socket?
Woman in car using the screen to access the radio
Easily Cancel SiriusXM and Save Some Money
electronic power steering
What is Electric Power Steering?
Hand holding a burning cigarette in foreground of car interior with two small children in the backseat
How to Remove a Smoke Smell From Your Car
Car antenna
How to Choose a Car Antenna
An illustration of a person pushing a car
Five Signs of a Dead Car Battery
Projector headlights illuminated by halo rings.
What Are Projector Headlights?
An iPod plugged to a car radio through a USB cord that won't work.
Can You Listen to Music With a USB-to-Aux Cable?
car solar battery charger
Do Solar Car Battery Chargers Work?
Close up of hands holding an Arduino microcontroller board
ELM327 Microcontroller Car Diagnostics
Two-car accident
Electronic Stability Control and ESC Failure
A person shivering in a car and saying Brrr...
Fix a Faulty Car Heater With These Simple Troubleshooting Tips
A car app displayed on a phone in a car dash mount.
The 10 Best Car Apps of 2022
Person fiddling with a car radio
Losing Your Signal? An Antenna Booster Might Help You Find it
Person driving SUV in snow covered road in a forest
When Your Car Heater Blows Cold Air
Driver and passenger driving across bridge in car
Test Driving Automotive Telematics
Person adjusting a camera in their car
When and Where Should You Use a GoPro vs. a Dash Cam?
Man in car with bluetooth earpiece
How Do You Get Bluetooth for a Car?
CD changer in a car
Are CD Changers Still Viable Today?
An illustration of the six reasons that a car battery dies repeatedly.
Why Does My Car Battery Keep Dying?
add second car battery
Does Your High End Car Audio System Need a Second Battery?
Buying a car online
6 Steps to Save Time and Money Buying a Car Online
An electronic diagram of a brain with speedometers in the brain
Wirelessly Scanning Your Car's Computer With ELM327 Bluetooth
Man working on car battery
Does Your Battery Need Electrolyte or Water?
Man removing a car battery in the dead of winter
What Can Replace Battery Electrolyte?
car dashboard with warning lights on
Why Your Car Won't Start Even Though the Lights Work
headlights going into a turn
Adaptive Headlights See Around Corners
A phone that is discharging due to the cigarette lighter socket not working.
Identify Why Your 12v Socket Isn't Working
Blown cigarette lighter fuse
What Causes a Cigarette Lighter Fuse to Keep Blowing?
A cartoon radio throws money in the air.
Sirius and XM Programming and Pricing Differences
1.5 din radio in a car
Caught Halfway Between Single and Double DIN
watching tv in the car
What You Need to Know to Watch TV in Your Car
Listening to Audible during commute
The Best Driving Apps to Make Your Commute More Fun
Cigarette lighter and 12v sockets and the dash in a car
The Difference Between a Cigarette Lighter and an Accessory Socket
Icicles on the bottom of a car
The True Costs of Idling Your Car