Browsers make the web go round, so learning how to use and troubleshoot them is a smart move. We've got the details you need to surf the web wisely.
Person searching ‘dog breeds’ on Bing
Exploring Other Search Engines: What Is Bing?
How to Clear Cache in Every Major Browser
Firefox logo
How Do I Update to the Latest Version of Firefox?
A script error on a laptop.
Fix a Script Error and Get Your Browser Working Properly Again
Google Search on a smartphone.
Want to Clear Your Google Search History? Here's How
Opera web browser
What Is the Opera Browser?
Illustration of a laptop with 404 Error Page on the screen
What to Do When You Get a 404 Not Found Error
Chromium web browser on a laptop
What is Chromium Browser Used For?
Download Now!
Can't Find Your Downloads? Try Your Downloads Folder!
Man wearing glasses using an internet browser on his laptop in a cafe.
10 Safe and Secure Web Browsers Everyone Should Be Using
Illustration of a red and white web browser on a light brown background
How to Delete Cookies in Every Major Browser
New Microsoft Edge browser logo
Forget IE, It's Time to Surf on the Edge
Illustration of broken connections that lead to a 404 connection error on the internet.
400 Bad Request Errors: What They Are and How to Fix Them
Internet Explorer browser displaying the PopupTest website.
Learn How to Enable Pop-Ups on PC and Various Browsers
Dolphin web browser from Mobotap
How to Change Settings in iOS Dolphin
Firefox web browser
The Vivaldi Browser Is So Cool I Can't Stop Telling Everyone About It
Close-up of a web browser search bar
Do You Know What a Web Browser Actually Is?
Files Being Deleted
Clear Your Downloads and Make Browsing a Breeze
Google opened in a web browser on a laptop
How to Change Google Backgrounds
Web Applications
What Is a Web Application?
A PDF icon above a cloud
How to Save a Web Page as a PDF
Person using a laptop with an RSS logo on a website
Find RSS Feeds for Your Favorite Websites and Make Life Easier
A man holding an iPhone looking at Google Images.
How to Save Images From Google Image Search Results
"Search" spelled with Scrabble pieces on table with other pieces
Use the Find Word Tool Search for a Word on a Web Page
Hands operating computer mouse and keyboard
How to Copy the Link to Any Online Image
Hands on keyboard writing script next to cup of coffee, glasses, and phone
The Top 14 Greasemonkey and Tampermonkey User Scripts
A standard web browser
How to Manage Extensions in Popular Web Browsers
Person using laptop
Is Microsoft Edge Missing the Favorites Bar? Here's How to Get It Back
Multi Colored Adhesive Notes in Books on White Background
How to Delete Bookmarks in Firefox, Edge, and Opera
Edge on iOS
Use the Microsoft Edge Browser on Your Apple Devices
White browser with one tab, an address bar, a search bar, and a black window menu bar on top, set against a sky-blue background.
Close All Tabs on Your Browser
A frustrated computer user unable to load a web page
ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR: What It Is and How to Fix It
Hand holding smartphone and touching the screen with search button. Magnifying glass icon.
What's the Best Mobile Web Browser?
Google search engine on a computer screen
How to Manage Search Engines in the Opera Web Browser
Close up shot of a web browser
Discover What the Midori Browser Is
A student using a computer with a cookie
How to Clear Cookies for One Site Within Any Browser
Empty photo album
How to Retrieve Google Backup Photos
Illustration showing source code on a laptop screen
See the Code Behind a Web Page
Multi-colored programming text
Script Errors (What They Are and How to Fix Them)
Bing Isn’t King! Choose a Different Search Engine
Data analyst looking at computer screens with information on them
How Do You Stay Private in Your Favorite Web Browser?
Person holding mouse using desktop computer
See More of the Web With Edge's Full-Screen Mode on Windows 10
Internet Explorer temporary internet files folder in Windows 10
How to Move the IE Temporary Internet Files Folder to Default Location
How to clear your search bar search
How to Clear Your Search Bar History
Screenshot of home page, with a description of the project and icons of browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Android + iOS)
WebRTC Makes Web Conferencing Easy. Here's What You Need to Know
web browser location settings
How to Allow or Deny Access to Your Physical Location Settings
An image of a man looking at a news site on a laptop.
Need to Look Up a Word? Use the Google Dictionary Chrome Extension
Error Message 'Your connection is not secure' on Firefox
Here's How to Keep Your Browsing Safe on Firefox, Chrome, and More
A person working with a smartphone and Windows PC simultaneously.
Even if you're not keen on Windows, Edge for Android is pretty sharp.
An icon of an autoplaying video.
Stop Sites from Autoplaying Video
A stock photo of a person browsing the internet on a laptop.
Learn All About Plugins and How They Work
Opera Touch vs Opera Mini
Want a Better Mobile Browser? Consider Opera and Opera Mini
A man using the Brave internet browser on his iPhone and laptop.
All About the Brave Internet Browser that Pays You With Cryptocurrency
Many cookies on a pink background
Learn How to Turn on Cookies in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox
Microsoft Edge web browser
Make a Web Page a Drawing Board in Microsoft Edge
Person on laptop
What Is 'Do Not Track' and How Do I Use It?
Opera browser logo
Make Opera Work Faster by Turning on Turbo Mode
RSS icons over steel background
How to Find an RSS Feed on a Website
WebRTC logo in an abstract browser, with three water drops falling from it
Worried About Your Privacy? Disable WebRTC in Your Browser