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A woman using an Android phone
How to Stop Google Play Services From Draining Your Battery
A woman sitting on the roof a camper van holding her smartphone
Does a Mobile Hotspot Use Data?
AirPods with the battery level displayed on an Android phone.
How to Check AirPod Battery Levels on an Android Phone
A 16GB MicroSD card on a person's index finger.
How to Fix a Corrupted SD Card on Android Without a Computer
OnePlus 10 Pro Emerald Forest
OnePlus 10: News, Price, Release Date, and Specs
An attendee holds a stack of the new Google Pixel 3a during the 2019 Google I/O conference
Android 13: News, Release Date, Features, and Rumors
Always on display on an Android smartphone
How to Display a Clock on Your Android Lock Screen
hand holding a OnePlus 8T
How to Take a Screenshot on a OnePlus Phone
Two phones next to each other.
How to Use Clone Phone to Transfer Data to a New OnePlus Phone
Setting up Google Bell on an Android Phone with family in the background.
How to Set up Google Family Bell on Android
apps on phone home screen
How to Change the Color of Your Apps on Android
Three memoji looking at Macbooks
How to Make Memojis on Android
Image of black and white phone screen
Is Your Phone Screen Black and White? Try These Fixes
Google Assistant driving mode settings on a phone next to a car.
How to Access Google Assistant Driving Mode Settings
Using Google Assistant driving mode on a phone in a car.
What Can You Do With Android’s Driving Mode?
Google Assistant launching driving mode on a phone.
How to Start Google Assistant Driving Mode
Model Pi Tesla phone concept
Tesla Phone: News and Expected Price, Release Date, Specs, and More Rumors
Two women standing in an airport looking at their smartphone while surrounded by backpacks.
How to Turn Airplane Mode On or Off on Android
Android logo with clocks
How to Fix It When the Time on Your Phone Is Wrong
Woman getting spam call on smartphone.
How to Block Spam Calls on Android
Android 12 Security Hub on Pixel 4a 5G
How to Access the Android 12 Security Hub
Zoom logo
How to Use Zoom on Android
Close-Up Portrait Of Young Man Using Mobile Phone Whatsapp
How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot in Android 12
Google Pixel 4a 5G with Privacy Dashboard open
How to Access the Android 12 Privacy Dashboard
Microsoft Surface Duo 2 smartphone with a broken screen with a green color glitch.
How to Fix It When the Surface Duo 2 Touch Screen Is Not Working
Image folder illustration
How to Create a Locked Folder in Google Photos
Closeup on a smartphone with the networking buttons displayed.
How to Fix 'Not Registered on Network' for T-Mobile
Boy using smartphone as webcam
How to Use My Phone as a Webcam
A pair of hands holding an Android smartphone with apps in a folder.
How to Alphabetize Apps on Android
A computer rendering of an Android smartphone and app icons on top of a blue background.
How to Create a Shortcut on Android
A drawing of two hands forming an infinity symbol on an Android tablet.
How to Keep the Screen Active on Android
Homescreen with clock on Android
How to Change the Time on Android Phones
Several phones running android 12
Google Assistant's Ambient Mode: What It Is and How to Use It
Image of a person using their smartphone in bed
How to Change Size of Icons on Android
Hands of an elderly woman typing on her smartphone.
How to Turn Off Keyboard Vibration
A man sitting on steps outside smiling at his smartphone
How to Turn off Automatic Updates on Android
A woman leaning on a desk in an office looking down at her smartphone and smiling
How to Check RAM in Android
A woman sitting on the floor in fitness gear smiling at her smartphone
How to Set Chrome as Default Browser on Android
A woman standing in an office smiling at her smartphone
How to Check Battery Health on Android
A photo of an Android 12 phone showing notifications
How to Use Android 12's Adaptive Notifications Ranking
RockYou2021 Password Breach
How to Use Google Password Checkup for Android
Android phone on a black and white map of the world
How to Turn on Google Maps Dark Mode on Android
A close up of a table with a wireless charger and a phone placed on it by a person
How to Choose a Wireless Charger
Notifications icons on a mobile device.
How to Fix Notifications Not Showing up on Android
FaceTime working on Android and iOS 15
How to FaceTime on Android
A woman looking at her smartphone in one hand while holding a mug in the other hand
How to Unsubscribe From an App on Android
A woman lying on a sofa looking at her smartphone
How to Stop Auto Updates on Android
The Quick Tap settings toggle in Android 12
How to Set up Android 12’s Double-Tap Gesture
Using an Android phone with an AirTag
How to Use AirTags with Android
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on display at Samsung event in Barcelona
How to Fix a 'Not Registered on Network' Error on Samsung Galaxy
Green play button held by a man
How to Remove Apps from the Quick Settings Media Control Panel in Android 12
One-handed mode turned on
How to Use Android 12 in One-Handed Mode
A woman on a city street at night time looking at her smartphone.
What Does Extended Network Mean?
A close up of a woman holding a smartphone in one hand and looking at it
How Do I Free Up Space on My Phone?
Android app icons and phone app
How to Retrieve Deleted Phone Numbers on Android
Young Muslim woman using phone
How to Change Your Caller ID Name on Android
Android 12 new notification upgrades
How to Snooze Notifications in Android 12
android 12 new features with material you overhaul
The 10 Best Android 12 Features
A woman sitting holding her smartphone and smiling
How to Turn On Microphone on an Android Phone

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